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  1. Make a vote and see how many would like it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Make the change yourself and see the difference, how nice it is to see the time when the ImgBurn complete window pops up. For yourself, then see if you want to included it in a future version. Which I think you will When the burn is complete most of us that want to see"anything" wants to see the burn time. Well except the obvious thing, no errors
  2. I guess both sides are stubborn now My point is, I like to now how long takes when it's over, before I close it... Is it hard to integrate this function?
  3. yes that I know. But when I burn DVD I usually leave the PC or do something else. I'm probably not the only one that would like to see the time without clicking till I get to the log. It would be simple...
  4. Show burn time? When done, on the box that pops up...
  5. Ofcourse you can uninstall (remove), in another way Remove it from your source with nLite Well the downside to that is that you need to reinstall windows, but then again windows require that pretty often
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