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  1. I've searched quite a bit for an iso maker that can handle data files that are very large. For example, today it's possible to home record ones TV shows in the TS (transport stream) format. They're basically just glorified mpeg's. But the TS file for any given show is usually quite large, for a broadcast movie it can easily be over 4 gig's. While Nero can burn these to disc many individuals would prefer to let ImgBurn do the job by way of providing it with an ISO of the files. I've tried a few of the proggies listed in this forum, they're great and thank you, but seemingly none of them can handle these large files. Frequently they'll try to create the ISO but after their attempt completes I'll see that the file created is woefully undersized. So, if anyone has ever used a proggie that can do this specific function, create ISO's of TS files 4 gigabyte sized and larger, I'd be thankful if they could mention it here.
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