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  1. LIGHTNING UK!, nevermind! Quite more important is that I've just burnt a Verbatim DVD+R DL (the one MKM-001 2.4x) with Pioneer DVD-111D and everything went smoothly
  2. Yes, the drivers I downloaded are the latest (186.18) and Hardware Acceleration is enabled to Full, with Enabled write combining. Hmm... the motherboard has onboard ATI Rage XL which I disabled in Device Manager. Unfortunately BIOS doesn't have an option to disable onboard graphics.
  3. LIGHTNING UK!, I can't believe how smart you are! I put a check in the box "Don't use overlay" and the Preview feature instantly got working! Guess it's somehow related to video card (Nvidia GeForce 6200 PCI) or its drivers.
  4. When clicking Preview Selected Cell while setting Dual Layer ISO my PC hangs instantly. I have to reset it. Experienced this twice. Is it because of some codecs? I haven't installed any. Of media players I have just built-in WMP 9 and Winamp 2.95, that's all. No codec packs or anything like that (just don't like them; whenever I watch DVD on computer, I use VLC player which comes with lots of codecs and doesn't have to be installed). I just upgraded my old Gateway/Asus CUR-DLS box with Adaptec 2410SA SATA 1.5 controller and plugged in a new Samsung HD322HJ drive. Fresh XPSP3 install less than a week ago. Why IMGBurn doesn't want to preview movies on my box?..
  5. This may sound like a thud but at a store I'm bying dvd's 10 Verbatims DL+ 4x would cost just about $90... I looked svp.co.ik and the price there currently is about 2,7 pounds for a disc... unbelievable. And VAT is included!
  6. Hello to all forum members from a new dummy Half a year ago when I started to burn dual layer discs I went through bad experience with NERO ending with lots of coasters. After a substantial research on several forums it became evident that a FREE solution from Lightning UK is way recommended. Today I decided to burn an .nrg image onto DVD9 (branded Philips, though identified as [DVD+R-DL:RITEK-D01-001] by DVD Identifier. IMGburn reported an error: I guess the .nrg file was done not quite properly, so I extracted its contents with MagicISO and tried to make an .iso with IMGburn: Sadly, I don't know where to put a layer break, so I chose the middle position. But after that a new error came up: Honestly, I'm stuck. I downloaded IFO Edit 0.97 as on some forum suggested, but dunno what needs to be done with that. I guess I need to fix a single IFO file. Any suggestions are welcome.
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