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  1. I said I'm using DVD43 with my roxio disc to disc copy software because it's fast and one step, and I don't have copy protection or region code issues I didn't say that it's better, beside that ImgBurn has to compress the video signal to comply with the law so you're not getting the identical video quality.
  2. Yeah I'm leaving anyway I didn't know that it's full of nasty people and sex pictures.
  3. I have a regular copy software that I can use with the following protection remover in the link bellow and I don't have any probleme at all, I copy DVD's that excedes 4.5GB to DVD Dual Layer and the ones less than 4.5GB to DVD-/+R and I don't have any problem of copying disks and it takes only one step not two like the DVD Decrypter. http://www.dvd43.com/
  4. Does the ImgBurn has a ripper like DVD Decrypter ?
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