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  1. copy on the fly works fine with me. when the new version of imgbrunt hat will support copy of audio cds will eb available?
  2. I want o use for all my dvd/cd copies ImgBurn and nothing else, that why. I dont want to have a duzin of softwarsapps installed. When the next version will be out that will handle audio cd copies as well?
  3. Nice fun answers but now please answer my questiion. Other burinign apps do it in 1 step only.
  4. When i have a dvd disk(movie) that i want to download which is the corrct way to copy it to another ampty dvd? make it an iso first and then burn the .iso the empty one? That can be dobne but requierts 2 steps Can it be done wioth 1 step by selecting build and then the entire source dirve and then as dest the device output to copy it?
  5. lets hope it will be implemented int he next version
  6. But eve so i still want to make many copied of many audio cds' How iwll i dot it with imgburn?
  7. Hello, Iwas tryign to copy an Audio cd (*.cda) from dvd-rom to dvd-rw and so i selected the build method and the 1st time i seletced the entire drive E complete in no time but nothign played although it has shown me the files. 2nd fiels still i used the buil method but instead of the E: drive i selected allt eh contnets , that is allt he *.cda files but still it didn play anythign although it displasy the fiels, why?
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