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  1. Thanks, guys! The DX9 update definitely fixed the problem - no more problems! Obviously the July update was flawed..
  2. Thanks, guys! I installed the August '07 DX9 update and it looks like the problem is gone.
  3. Ok, it's no real drama!
  4. log out/in (as user) from the XP session - not imgburn! yes, I have a optical mouse and defragger on auto but there is no issue with that. me thinks the screensaver might be disabled by imgburn, while burning, and forgets to re-enable once the software is closed?
  5. yes, it seems to me imgburn is the trigger for this problem. I do not need to turn the screensaver off - it's not kicking in anyway until I log out/in again
  6. Sorry, the software of course
  7. Hello, Is it just me who finds the screensaver no longer working after imgburn? (kick in) I have to log out/in to have it back. ideas?
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