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  1. ok, thanks alot, I guess that's it what I wanted to ask
  2. ok thanks, I'll try, but will I be able to burn simple avi and rvmb files and watch them on pc or I'll have to convert files to these vob, ifo, bup format anyway before burn?
  3. so..I have a imgburn, yesterday I updated it with lates version, I have this double layer disc (dvd+r dl), its speed is 8x and it's 8.5gb at size, unfortunately it's not verbatim but traxdata disc, but I don't think that's the problem, problem is that whenever I load the disc nothing happens and imgburn keeps showing -device not ready (no reference position found), what about that thing what reads discs, I don't know much about it, in fact I'm total newbie in all that pc software/hardware stuff..but I think it should be able to read and burn those double layer discs, person who configured my pc told that, but maybe there's way to check that out somehow just in case, but if I'm mumbling crap now, just tell me what's wrong in your opinion...oh right and I don't have files in vob, ifo or bup format, I wanted to write avi and rmvb files...
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