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  1. I recently downloaded IMGBurn and have tried to use it. Even after following instructions explicitly, I always wind up with a RUINED disc because the program did NOT function properly. Today, I wasted a disc after trying to copy a DVD. The message I received was that the program could NOT properly finalize the blank DVD I was burning onto making it impossible to play or use. In other words, ruined. Now, I've read some other reviews about IMGBurn, and some people swear by it & others swear at it! Another time, after using IMGBurn, the message that came up was that the blank DVD I was using was "too small." To me, IMGBurn is not very straightforward & simple to use. It's downright complicated with many pitfalls. I realize that it's free & perhaps that's why it's unreliable. Like the old saying goes, "There's No Such Thing As A FREE Lunch." Posted by "PissedOffBill"
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