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  1. lol totaly forgot about this topic ^^ ill have a "live" version up end of this week if you're still intrested with google ads and everything
  2. you guys couldnt be any more gay
  3. omg do i need to code it??? to make ya see how it will look the goodle adds can be added anywhere yapp im gonna do it im gonnamake a coded version of this so you get the picture =/
  4. So what did YOU think about the site? thats just a mockup so the final reslut could be w/e that pleases UKL meaning that the font is adjustable could even make 2 themes for you to choose between etc. and the same things applies with the donate button
  5. well im not davinci for nothing am I
  6. here is a mockup of how it could look like if ya dont like it i could make a new one
  7. oh in that case oki give me sometime and ill make a mockup =)
  8. well since i dont know how the NEW logo should look like i decided to put nothing on there thought we perhaps could have some competion for it and then once we've got a really nice logo i would put it on the header and make some other web 2.0 effects to it and so on making the site alot nicer =)
  9. thx alot guys.... does the admin ever check the forums?
  10. here's how i think the site should look remeber its not done
  11. yapp that was what i was refering to, i thought i was clear on that poin =P but obviously not ^^ so what say you... site owners?
  12. Well since im a designer and really like this software and really want to give something back besides money I was thinking if you perhaps would like a redesign of the site and if wanted the logo aswell giving the site and program a more serious look what say you I wont need any ftp or w/e i'll Upload the stuff to a temp site so you could see how it works and so on regards black
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