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  1. Looks ok but then it's very minimal at the moment. By the time all the google ads have been shoved back on it (yes, I do need those on there!), it'll look very different.


    omg do i need to code it??? to make ya see how it will look


    the goodle adds can be added anywhere


    yapp im gonna do it


    im gonnamake a coded version of this so you get the picture =/

  2. Martin H,


    I personally don't see it as a wizard, it's just a screen where you pick one of the various modes.


    It can actually be a good thing as it save times loading the progeam up in the wrong one, having to wait for it to finish initialising the disc before you then change to the one you want to use.


    I've simply called it 'Ez-Mode Picker'. It's just a screen with 6 buttons on it (one for each mode - 2 for build due to output methods). You hit the button and it then switches to the appropriate mode.


    Oh and yes of course it's configurable :)

    So what did YOU think about the site?

    Re the web page ....


    Serif fonts are harder to read IMHO. And I agree with Jill.



    thats just a mockup

    so the final reslut could be w/e that pleases UKL

    meaning that the font is adjustable

    could even make 2 themes for you to choose between

    etc. and the same things applies with the donate button

  3. @blackdavinci


    Please don't take it personally, when i said that i didn't liked your propossed wizzard, since it hasn't anything to do with your designing skills whatsoever, which i personally find very good btw, but is entirely based on the fact that i personally hate wizzards in general, and no matter if they are well designed or not... :)

    CU, Martin.


    what wizzard?

  4. well since i dont know how the NEW logo should look like i decided to put nothing on there


    thought we perhaps could have some competion for it and then once we've got a really nice logo i would put it on the header and make some other web 2.0 effects to it and so on making the site alot nicer =)

  5. Well since im a designer and really like this software and really want to give something back besides money I was thinking if you perhaps would like a redesign of the site and if wanted the logo aswell

    giving the site and program a more serious look


    what say you :)



    I wont need any ftp or w/e i'll Upload the stuff to a temp site so you could see how it works and so on






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