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  1. LIGHTNING UK! Thanks for this post! Now I understand how this feature works in ImgBurn.
  2. Ok, but what happens when I set the Book Type manually (for example "DVD-ROM")? ImgBurn says that it changes successfully, but what should I do next time I will want to burn DVD? Should I change it again to "DVD-ROM" if I want to burn Video DVD, and should I change it back to "Normal" if I want to burn normal DVD?
  3. I have Samsung SH-S203B and using ImgBurn Why I cannot see current Book Type? I go to "Change Book Type", choose "Samsung" tab, choose DVD type but in string "Current Setting" remains the same - "Unknown (Drive doesn't report it!)". I tried to enter Drive ID in "Change Book Type - Advanced" dialog box but nothing has changed. So, how can I check current Book Type?
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