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  1. On 1/11/2020 at 4:58 PM, LIGHTNING UK! said:

    v2.5.8.0 doesn't have any way of getting around that prompt.

    I have already added another command line parameter that can, but it'll only be available in the next release... whenever that might be.

    Is it in good enough shape to release as a public beta? Perhaps you could create a public beta forum which wouldn't pollute the beta team's forum (assuming your have one) with n00b noise?


    Just a thought...

  2. You'll have to do that manually by using Verify mode and selecting the disc image created using Read mode. For a more accurate comparison, use another drive to read the disc while verifying against the image.


    Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to avoid, manually selecting Verify mode. I would rather just be able to check the 'verify' box and have it do it for me.

  3. There's no such thing as verifying a read operation, it simply doesn't apply/exist.


    I've never known anyone to be anal enough to want to do it - reading and then reading again seems pointless.


    If it's really that important to you then you should read the disc twice and use a 3rd party to compare the two (or turn on md5 calcs and compare those).


    Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I wan't ImgBurn to create the image, and then once the image is complete, do a verify that the image matches the physical disc.


    Maybe I am a little to anal....I am often called an asshole.... ;-)

  4. DISCLAIMER: I LOVE ImgBurn, and am a donor. Please be gentle. ;-)


    ImgBurn v2.4.4.0


    When in Read Mode, I am unable to select 'verify' to automatically compare the image written to the original disc. The check box is grayed out. How does one enable automatic verification after a Read job is complete, as can be done when in Write Mode? It's a PITA to manually go into verify mode and select file and disc to compare after completing a Read job!

  5. What is the methodology used by ImgBurn's verification process? i.e. when I put ImgBurn into 'Verify' mode and select a .dvd/.iso/etc file, how does ImgBurn compare the image to the disc?


    I assume it is a byte comparison; I'm curious how ImgBurn takes an .iso file and decides how to map it to the sectors on an optical disc in order to perform the comparison.


    I'm not looking for a detailed, low-level description, just a brief "here n00b, read this" or some such.



  6. Whichever DVD writer you have, make sure you are using the latest firmware for it and use good quality media EG the only one that is worth having are the verbatim 2.4 speed + dual layer


    Add to that Verbatim made in Singapore NOT India. I have read, and now have the unfortunate personal experience, that Verbatim DL made in India can be very problematic. I just received an order of 100 DVD+R DL Verbatim made in India, and of the first 30 discs I've burned, 11 are coasters. For perspective, I've burnt in excess of 400 Verbatim DVD+/-R DL made in Singapore with only one coaster that I can recall.


    Perhaps Lite-On and Plextor need to come out with a firmware revision to properly work with this media, or perhaps it just sucks ass.... :angry:

  7. Your drive doesnn't appear to support the discs you're trying to use. See if you can find a firmware update for it or return the discs in exchange for some 2.4x Verbatim ones.


    That isn't necessarily completely accurate advice. I just received 100 Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x discs that were unfortunately made in India. Both my Lite-On LH-201AS and two Plextor PX-760's have reported this same message, along with write and verification errors. I've had 11 failures out of approximately 30 discs from two spindles. And yes, my drives all have up-to-date firmware. I've burned in the neighborhood of 400 Verbatim Singapore DVD+/-R DL discs, and can only remember having one coaster. I've decided that mail ordering discs is no longer an option unless the company will guarantee the discs are Verbatim Singapore.

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