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  1. Is it in good enough shape to release as a public beta? Perhaps you could create a public beta forum which wouldn't pollute the beta team's forum (assuming your have one) with n00b noise? Just a thought...
  2. Yes, that is exactly what I am trying to avoid, manually selecting Verify mode. I would rather just be able to check the 'verify' box and have it do it for me.
  3. Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear. I wan't ImgBurn to create the image, and then once the image is complete, do a verify that the image matches the physical disc. Maybe I am a little to anal....I am often called an asshole.... ;-)
  4. DISCLAIMER: I LOVE ImgBurn, and am a donor. Please be gentle. ;-) ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 When in Read Mode, I am unable to select 'verify' to automatically compare the image written to the original disc. The check box is grayed out. How does one enable automatic verification after a Read job is complete, as can be done when in Write Mode? It's a PITA to manually go into verify mode and select file and disc to compare after completing a Read job!
  5. What is the methodology used by ImgBurn's verification process? i.e. when I put ImgBurn into 'Verify' mode and select a .dvd/.iso/etc file, how does ImgBurn compare the image to the disc? I assume it is a byte comparison; I'm curious how ImgBurn takes an .iso file and decides how to map it to the sectors on an optical disc in order to perform the comparison. I'm not looking for a detailed, low-level description, just a brief "here n00b, read this" or some such. Thanx!
  6. Add to that Verbatim made in Singapore NOT India. I have read, and now have the unfortunate personal experience, that Verbatim DL made in India can be very problematic. I just received an order of 100 DVD+R DL Verbatim made in India, and of the first 30 discs I've burned, 11 are coasters. For perspective, I've burnt in excess of 400 Verbatim DVD+/-R DL made in Singapore with only one coaster that I can recall. Perhaps Lite-On and Plextor need to come out with a firmware revision to properly work with this media, or perhaps it just sucks ass....
  7. That isn't necessarily completely accurate advice. I just received 100 Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x discs that were unfortunately made in India. Both my Lite-On LH-201AS and two Plextor PX-760's have reported this same message, along with write and verification errors. I've had 11 failures out of approximately 30 discs from two spindles. And yes, my drives all have up-to-date firmware. I've burned in the neighborhood of 400 Verbatim Singapore DVD+/-R DL discs, and can only remember having one coaster. I've decided that mail ordering discs is no longer an option unless the company will guarantee the discs are Verbatim Singapore.
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