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  1. He seems to talk either about a crashed mediaplayer or perhaps about an embedded one of a browser? I think only installers should have the ability to kill tasks.
  2. It's a great nice-to-have feature and I use EAC for this, too.
  3. Sure. Actually I see only one reason why people buy new drives at the moment: Speed. The only reason of burning DVD DLs slow are quality issues. Everyone with non-Verbatim DVD DL media who is interested in buring faster than 2,4x or 4x but without quality issues should be interested. - If it's possible at all.
  4. I had quite bad results with my LiteOn 20A1S even with Verbatim media @ 2.4x. My new Samsung burner produces good results with 8x Verbatim media at 8x and great results at 4x, but burning them @ 2.4x is not possible. http://club.cdfreaks.com/2117212-post94.html MKM 003 @ 4x: Average PI Errors are ~ 1; Average PI Failures are 0.00. (Results depend of the drive, of course.) The quality of the fake 8x Ricoh media is good enough to burn the first layer @ 8x, but the second layer needs 4x for good results. If this would be possible, this would speed up a lot without relevant loss of quality.
  5. Of course, using Verbatim media to get the best results is no new discovery. I opened this thread to suggest how to improve quality with products of other companies and at higher speeds than 2,4x.
  6. I have good results with Verbatim 8x Made in Singapore with my Samsung SH-S223Q, but fake Ricoh media cost half the price: http://club.cdfreaks.com/2122704-post12.html
  7. I don't know if it's technically possible to change the speed during the write process by ImgBurn: I have some DL media with great results with higher speeds on the first layer, but with quite bad results on the second layer. If I burn with a slower speed, the first layer isn't any better, but the second layer. So it would be quite useful and it could save some time if I could choose the speed for each layer. Jens
  8. The interesting thing is not the ecc files feature, but the included ecc information on the left space of a medium. Dvdisaster is able to add ecc information to the disc images before you burn them, so you do not need to store ecc files somewhere else.
  9. Dvdisaster is a great OpenSource project that adds additional ecc to your disc and recovers your data. Nero seems to be something like a commercial clone. Perhaps it would be possible to make ImgBurn compatible. http://dvdisaster.net/en/index.php
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