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  1. Completely off OP topic Sorry, since I got my PCH I hardly ever burn cd/dvd's anymore and I've been shot down in flames before for asking this.. But once more with feeling... LUK...you could write an iso mounting option in ImgBurn in 10 minutes over morning coffee and toast! For years you said ImgBurn would require a full rewrite to enable it to burn audio CD's. But you did it EVEN...if you had it as a paid plug-in....I'd buy it! Lets face it, you ARE the man when it comes to this stuff OK..that's the last time I'm gonna ask I promise. I'll keep my iso dreams to myself from now on! Don't hate me - you'd all pay for it too- tell me I'm wrong Balders
  2. Great post, straight and to the point Great answer, straight and to the point! I thought something was baulked in my Win 7 install! Not so sure about the 'Ask' thing though. Have got rid of it now, and before the "well you should read the installer" posts start....I do, it hung and before I knew it I had pressed next twice (why the hell wouldn't I? This is ImgBurn!) I get the same with Comodo - I guess its trying to phone home. At least I know now Anyway, this is really coincidental as last night I had occasion to install DVDDecrypter again (not for illicit reasons I promise you with my life). It's been years since I used it and I was, yet again, blown away with what a fab proggie it is I nearly came on here to say "LUK, you're a damn clever bloke" Now I had this 'issue' with ImgBurn I thought...2 birds one stone! ImgBurn is as great as always, thank you Balders
  3. haha! Harsh But yes, that makes more sense. I guess I must have changed the output directory structure to what it was before (to where the VIDEO_TS dir was being saved) I suppose I never really looked to see what the plug in was doing before, and what it was adding to the iso. It always just worked Thanks for the replies Balders
  4. Hi Folks Long time no see! Great new release of ImgBurn (thanks LUK), does even more stuff I don't understand!! Please, before I start, I want you to know I understand that the plug in question wasn't written by LightningUK. I also have to confess, much to my embarrassment, that I can't remember who who wrote it, or where I got it from ( I have it saved on a CD and install it with every new OS reformat) The plug in is the one that adds a context menu item 'Burn with ImgBurn' for VIDEO_TS folders Has anyone else noticed that it seems to have 'stopped' working with the latest release? That's not entirely true. It still works only now it wants to put the whole directory, where the VIDEO_TS folder resides, onto the disk (or into the image) I've had a search of these forums and can't see anything regarding this. Does anyone know if there's a solution? It's an incredibly useful addition and I'm kinda missing it! Thanks for any info Balders PS If this is a really old issue then I apologise, I didn't have the tinterweb for about 4 months so playing catch up on all sorts of things OH...so here is the log I 01:52:03 Operation Started! I 01:52:03 Building Image Tree... I 01:52:03 Checking Directory Depth... I 01:52:03 Calculating Totals... I 01:52:03 Preparing Image... E 01:52:03 File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 file system. E 01:52:03 Name: G:\ISO's to Burn\VIDEO_TS\..\Bridge To Nowhere.iso E 01:52:03 Size: 4,494,327,808 bytes E 01:52:07 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:04 To explain...VIDEO_TS was the dir I wanted to burn as a dvd. In G:\ISO's to Burn there are many DVD iso's. The Plugin picked VIDEO_TS and the first one to burn as well..as you can see from the \..\xxx.iso bit. From my reckoning that meant every iso in the dir
  5. Hi May I just start by saying...crap crap crappity crap! I had this very same issue a few months ago. I knew damn well it wasn't ImgBurn and it took me forever to work out what it was. After the event I decided to save the log files and send them as FYI to Lightening should it ever come up again. Of course I then reformatted and lost the buggers. Forgive me if this is not your problem, but ... I installed XP on an Nvidia chipset board (Crosshair - since thrown out the window) using a SATA DVD drive. This was the first time I'd done the install this way - the previous one being from an PATA DVD drive. If you install using a SATA drive you automatically get the dreaded nvgts.dll installed. This was the little POS that was shagging up ImgBurn for me. I reinstalled yet again using a regular PATA drive then plugged in the SATA ones. Everything then worked a treat. If you reckon this is your problem then don't for gods sake do what I did and delete the nvgts.dll thinking Windows would find something else! It doesn't and the OS wont boot (bring on Knoppix!). Just back up your stuff and reformat using an normal IDE / PATA drive. I really hope that helps Balders edit..Sorry I got carried away with my own ineptitude. I was getting the voltage calibration errors along with numerous others, I think they were 57 and 64, plus some can't initialise drives or some such and something to do with 'no additional sense'? It was a few months ago now, I don't fully remember - sorry. Many many errors though, it nearly drove me insane! Or maybe it did and I'm just in denial!
  6. Cynthia, you must think I'm such a shit! I'm sure I posted my thanks for your reply. It looks like it never came through! I installed the magic disk software and it works a treat (would be much nicer if it was an ImgBurn thing though!!!!). Thank you for the info though, it was much appreciated. Balders
  7. Evenin' all Firstly, ImgBurn just keeps getting better and better with every release and I want to thank LUK and the testers for all the hard work. The program is truly brilliant. My question... I have both an XP machine and a Linux machine (CentOS, as a server - no desktop installed) both with 4 DVD burners attached. What I really want to do is use ImgBurn's fantastic queue ability to burn DVD's on all 8 burners. XP doesn't seem to want to mount networked drives as burners. Can anyone tell me / recommend me how to do this? I kinda realise I'd need to set up a server of some kind on the nix machine and webCDwriter looks like it would do what I want, but I can't see that it would interact with ImgBurn, since it's a web based server. It's also entirely possible I've missed the blindingly obvious some where along the way!! Thanks for any info or help. Balders PS I can change the linux OS since I don't use that box for anything much more than Apache these days, so it's not limited to CentOS anymore but would have to stay as some flavour of linux.
  8. Thanks Cynthia for this. I've downloaded and installed it. Seems to work a treat! You wouldn't know of one that supports uif images would you? (I know that you're not here to recommend software, but this one is a bit of an issue at the mo!!) Chetwood - nope, neither do I. Spider solitaire is about as gamey as it gets here. I realise that one of the main attractions is that ImgBurn isn't bloatware, but this is the 'suggestions' forum, so I made a suggestion. I hope that nowhere in my post did I infer that ImgBurn was a less than superior program for not having this feature. If I did then please accept my apologies. Balders
  9. Hey! Yes thanks for that. DT has in the past completey (when I say completely I mean totally an utterly rendered my OS unbootable (I've lost photos and all number of documents) and totalled 2 installs of XP so I wont touch it with a barge pole!) I'm not saying that its a bad proggy, just that it doesn't play nice with the other stuff I have installed on here. I currently use the free microsoft iso mounter. It's fiddly but does the job. I'm lazy! If I could right click and 'Mount with IMGBURN' I'd be a happy camper! (used to use MagicISO plus the iso mount add on years ago) I said this post was a selfish one after all! And its only a suggestion! If no one else feels the desire then I'll go on the way I do
  10. Hey up! Just going to toss this one in there since, since the release of the new ImgBurn where everyone's prayers and hope were answered, I'm sure LUK has nothing to do! Now, I promise I have searched the forums, albeit very very briefly, and cannot find any reference to this. I apologise if its been mentioned before. Since you obviously have an unrivalled understanding of iso images, Windows and DVD/CD drives, what about a Mount ISO option. On a purely selfish note this would mean that I can pretty much get rid of every other piece of ISO related software I use. I can only remember one other time when I've had to actually edit an ISO, and even that was a drink fuelled evening where if I'd been thinking logically it probably wouldn't have been necessary. But mounting ISO's I do do a lot of the time. I honestly have no idea if this entails a shed load of work. If it does and it's something you're not interested in doing then I again apologise. Was just a thought! Top banana on the new imgburn though. It's fantastic. Balders
  11. StanTek I can well believe you work in IT. You really need to work on your people skills! Did you not read any of the other forum posts? LUK and imgburn, rightly so, have a very loyal following and to title your post "This program is SICK!!!!!" just isn't gonna win you too many popularity votes. That said though I think your suggestion has been adequately replied too, but for myself I started using imgburn for the exact opposite reason to you. I also have 6 DVD burners and (not wishing to get get into a pissing contest) have a fairly high spec box. Burning one at a time using the queue feature is IMO the way to go, having used Nero etc in the past I get far fewer coasters this way. In fact since using imgburn I've had none (apart from bad iso's). And as one MCP (ten a penny) to another, grow up. Balders
  12. Baldrick2

    DL vs Blu-Ray

    Hi all Firstly want to say what a fantastic program Imgburn is. I have been fairly lucky in that someone pointed me in this direction more than a few years ago and since then I've pretty much used it exclusively, just because its the best! My original intention was to post some requests, but they've all been covered so I wont bother (yes I learned to use the search button !). Whatever LUK decides to include in the future can only ever be considered a bonus in my opinion. So I hope this is posted in the correct forum, my apologies if not. DL DVD blanks are so expensive (even from SVP whom I have used exclusively for dvd hardware and blanks for years..top banana company!!). I have read somwhere that the reason for the excessive price on these blanks is mainly due to the manufacturers keeping them artificially high, possibly due to a request from the movie companies themselves (conspiracy theories are us!). I guess this is the place to find experts in this field so wanted to know has this ultimately killed the DVD DL development for the most part. Now we have Blu-Ray becoming more accessable (from a price point of view) surely any R&D money is going to spent on developing cheaper manufacturing methods for Blu-Ray (blanks and writers), instead of any progression in the DVD DL market. Again from a monetary point of view its not even worth (and I have no idea of this is possible, but dont see why not) putting 2 DVD 5's on a DVD 9 disk. Sorry for rambling...I'm getting there I promise! I suppose the question I want to ask is, are DVD DL disks a dead format even before they really became mainstream? Disrearding xbox game backups - this is purely from a DVD film backup point of view. It's just an out of interest 'what people think' question, I'm not looking for a definative answer, but am really interested what people think. Balders Great forums BTW, I have referrred back to here often for help, but in the end just pretty much go with the included default settings which work!!
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