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  1. Thanks dude -- you da man!! Your software is awesome. Maybe one of these days I'll get my lazy ass around to updating from
  2. Hey all, When I go into ImgBurn and click Tools > Settings and choose the I/O tab, there are several options for the buffer. Is there somewhere that I can find information on how to optimize these settings? I tried the search feature on this forum but didn't turn up much relevant to what I'm looking for... I would like to know: Is there an optimal buffer size? What's the minimum? If I increase the size, at what point am I simply wasting my time -- ie, I've got it set at 40MB now but will doubling it yield any benefits? Will cranking it up to the 256MB max be pointless/overkill? What about the various settings under "Buffer Recovery Thresholds"? How do these work and should I bother messing with them? TIA!!
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