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  1. SUCCESS!! I bought a 5 pack of HP discs today for a test and made a successful disc!! PHEW!! Say bye bye to all my Memorex crapolla! Thanks folks
  2. Great ideas, but how in the world can you tell where the discs come from unless you BUY them first?? I can't find any place that even lists new firmware for this burner..HP doesn't list one at all..anyideas of where to go to get firmware for the HP 1040d?
  3. Yeah may have to get a couple singles and test the theory I guuess...sux how pricey the darn discs are...oh well in time they'll go down, just like the DVD-R single layers did..just takes a while I guess.
  4. Hi from the new guy, I've been backing up my DVD's for quite a while with much success using many different DVD + and - R blanks. Recently I decided to go DL so I got a deal on a new HP 1040d dual burner...I thought life backing up movies was gonna be good...well so far, it's been pretty frustrating. My first day out went great, made a backup of Mr. Brooks and it went smoothly...plays great in my players at home. The steps I used was this: DVD Shrink it for Main movie only...then let DVD Shrink open DVD Decryptor and I burned the first DL disc and it went great...end of story. Fast forward to this weekend..I had two movies I wanted to get done..Oceans 13 and Superbad...no problem I thought... Well I followed my same steps as before, but this time at about 1/3 into the burning to disc I got a big I/O error message...hmmm...well I tried again...same darn thing...I tried doing the other movie...DARN! same thing happening...and this went on and on and on...made at least 6-7 coasters before I gave up. After a while I tried to go the ImgBurn route...made layer break...etc etc...burn time comes, BAM! disc gets killed 1/3 of the way into the burn. ARGHHHH!!! So now I have both movies on my hard drive as .ISO files but am too scared to try anymore burns. What am I doing wrong?? Is it REALLY a WHOLE batch of bad discs with just the ONE disc that worked out of 26 blanks??? Is there something different I must do to burn to DL vs. the old way I used to due single layers?? HELP!! #39;( Thanks again and sorry for being long winded...but this is majorly frustrating. FYI: Here'san error message that always pops up when I burn:
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