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  1. Cynthia, <Dumb question: When you had problem to load the cd disc in the DVD writer - you had switched to that writer in the write selector destination drop down list box first? This is the selector I'm trying to descibe:> I sit here, after a week of hair-pulling frustration, weeping with joy because you were smart enough to ask me a "dumb question." I never even looked at the "Destination" label, just assumed each time that slot was needed to identify the kind of disc I was using. I have just recorded the music file with ease and I'm confident the narration file will work just as well. You've saved me the cost of a new CD drive, not to mention further anguish, and I'm so grateful. May blessings follow you all your days. Claire
  2. Cynthia, <It looks as your CD writer don't like the media you are using.> Any recommendations? < It's also a rather old writer.> I begin think my problems are with the driver and I need to replace it. I've done some heavy-duty work recently with my DVD writer and that's in great shape, but that was installed a couple of years after I got the CD drive. <Have you tried to burn the files in your other burner?> Yesterday, ImgBurn would not accept the CD disc in the DVD drive or in the CD drive until I put a second disc into the second drive! Maybe I'll try again today with just the DVD drive. <It looks as the first log reported that the burn was done with success. Could you play that disc?> No. There are no grooves that appear on the disc and never any sound when I try to play. Re: your question about Test and Verify. Which is it I should be using? Is Test used as a dry run before actually writing? The Guide just shows Verify. Thanks, Claire
  3. <Can you post the log of that burn? You find it here: Main Menu -> Help -> ImgBurn Logs> I'm going to attach my logs for today's tries. (I thought I'd try again while waiting for help.) I'm also attaching an error message I got on the first file (which is narration, not music) <You didn't have 'test mode' enabled?> I think I did yesterday, but today I went to "Verify" as that's what the Guide showed. 1. File of Narration: In the CUE process, this stopped at 25% and would not go further. I tried to follow through anyhow (thinking it meant maybe 25% of the disc completed instead of 25% of my file) and in the write process got the attached error message. 2. File of Music: In the CUE process, this stopped at 9%, but once again I clicked on OK and tried to write to disc ImgBurn_Logs.doc
  4. This afternoon I tried burning two files, each to a separate CD. I followed the Guide re: the CD CUE, and the Write drill was deemed "Successful." But the surface of both CD's remained untouched and, when I tried to play them as a double-check, there was no sound. Could this be due copyright issues? I didn't see any error messages about copyright, but both files are from commercial CD's. Both were exported to WAV files and I did some editing with both. (One is a narration in Spanish that I needed to slow down for learning purposes. The other is music I use for Tai Chi and there I had to add a 5 second intro of silence.) If the problem isn't due to copyright issues, could it be the editing described above? If the problem is due to copyright issues, is there anything I can do? I paid for both CDs and am only wanting to make small changes to serve my personal needs. Hm. One last thought. I didn't use ImgBurn to rip from the original CDs -- if that makes any difference. Thanks, Claire
  5. I was testing a very small clip -- to see if a new export process from my movie editor was working. Still, I'm not sure I understand your answer. Are you saying that a small clip of video could be burned to a CD? Or is it that ImgBurn just won't burn a small amount to a DVD? In any case, I did try to go on with the burn and it failed. I should have written down the error message, but it's the end of a very long day wrestling with this export/import/burn issues and I'm totally zonked and not thinking clearly. I'll have to get back to this tomorrow. Thanks, Claire
  6. Re: burning directly to disk. This has worked for me before, but now, when I calculate, instead of getting DVD+_R/RW, I keep getting CD-R/RW (even though the destination to the left says Phillips DVD+-). Earlier today I played a CD in this same drive -- which I do often since the CD drive isn't working. That hasn't messed things up before but could that be the problem now? And if so, how would I fix that? Claire
  7. Thanks to those who tried to help me. As it turns out, the problem had nothing to do with ImgBurn. My DVD authoring software was not able to produce all the files needed for burning because space on my hard drive was insufficient. Once I cleaned up the drive, I got all the files and ImgBurn worked like a dream. Claire
  8. <Why don't you have a VIDEO_TS.IFO file in your VIDEO_TS folder? I have no idea. I'm almost as new to DVDLab STUDIO as I am to ImageBurn <Is it really not there if you look for it via explorer? What files DO you see in that folder?> Attached. Claire
  9. I received a Guide from Cornholio7. The instructions for writing to a single layer disk without using an ISO file were very clear -- but still didn't work for me. The first problem comes up after I have entered my Source -- VIDEO_TS
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