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Media Usage % Indicator Bar on Drop Zone


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Maybe this was requested but I didn't find similar or I missed in search...

I would like to see a mirror of Media Usage % Indicator Bar from Build Mode Image Information on the Drop Zone

In this way when working on a smaller screen with a file manager maximized or not having enough space to put windows side by side it's easy to see how much information you can add to fill the media whithout switching between windows.

I'll say the Bar is sufficient but if it can be added Min. Req. Media: and Free Space: it would be nice, maybe just the info not the title too...

Maybe you can put it overlayed somehow or on top or below bottom or split it, info on top and the bar below bottom...

Any of this variation would make me happy. Or you can figure out a better one...


Thank you for this nice little program!


I attached a screen to see what I wish...


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