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Problem with my computer


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For a long time i've got problem with my computer:

My computer is slow (i can't even here mp3's).

I've run all the tests using UBCD and AVG/AVAST anti virus and no problem is found (RAM, HD, CPU... are all ok). :(

I have even reinstalled windows xp and completely formatted HD's (~5 times, each time installed a different version of xp). But the problem returns after a couple of days.

Specs: core 2 due - 2.4 GHZ, 2 GB of RAM, 320GB of HD



So you probably ask yourself why is he posting about this problem on the imgBurn forum.... The question is that i think imgBurn indicates about the problem:


When i burn a DVD with imgBurn every 40 seconds i get the following warnings:

W 19:05:54 Waiting for buffers to recover... (LBA: 1099808)

W 19:06:04 Waiting for hard disk activity to reach threshold level...


So my guess is that the Hard disk is the problem. However it could be the RAM or the Motherboard as well. (And i don't want to replace all of them at once).


Any idea what is mostly like to be the problem?



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