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Asking permission for including imgburn in non-commercial CD


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First of all I want to thank you for the software you are making.


My name is Bartolom? Sintes and I am a teacher of Computer Science in a Spanish High School. I own a web site with links to valuable free software (and non-free software that allows free use in some conditions) and I want to include imgburn. The web site can be visited at http://www.cdlibre.org (in Spanish).


I have included in my site ISO images of CDs with the software and I want to include imgburn, without any changes and as you offer it in your website. The ISO images are downloadable without fees and I do not provide any support. It is not a commercial site (not even banners) and I am doing it just for fun and for the promotion of free software.


Please, can you answer me these questions as soon as possible:

A. Do I have your permission to include imgburn in the CDs?

B. I have not found imgburn license. Is it available somewhere?


Best regards,

Bartolom? Sintes

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