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Great program! Alternate way to donate?

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Hello Lightning UK,


Love IB! Ever since I needed to burn an ISO, and the OEM-installed burner (coughsoniccough) wanted a USD 50.00 "upgrade" for ISO capability.


I'd like to donate. Not large, as the economy here in the US is bad, as you probably know. I don't ever use Paypal for lots of reasons. Now, from your nick, I'm going waaaay out on a limb, and guessing you're in the UK. :geek:. So if I send, say, USD 5.00, about GBP 3.00, by the time your bank charges you for the currency conversion, if you're lucky, you'll have two shillings sixpence left. If you're unlucky, *you'll* owe the *bank* money for cashing my cheque (or "check", as we say on this side of the Pond). Don't suppose you, or anyone you trust, has a US bank account, or any other way to make small donations without the currency fees eating it all up?



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