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Maximum number of secrets that may be stored in a single system has been exceeded

Fred Salter

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sUBS got a handle on the problem just a few days ago


A word of warning, if you scroll down to the middle of this page you will see a list of "approved" forums, where helpers have been trained in the use of Combofix, you will notice the Norton's forum is absent from that list.




Helpers at the approved forums receive advanced training in the use of Combofix and scripting, likewise the use of Avenger, another dangeous and powerful tool.

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RootRepeal still crashes instantly on startup with a memory access violation on my pc.


Hopefully if I send the author enough crash reports (from each new version), it'll eventually be made to work :)


Have you tried the newest version?


1) Raid drivers, for now work around is set custom scan to special level in settings TAB
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