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Verbatim DVD+R DL 8x MKM-003 Made in Singapore - burn quality discrepancy


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Just commenting on the media scans by Cynthia.


ATAPI DVD A DH20A3H YV6D (ATA) @ 4x - Spindle #1



ATAPI DVD A DH20A3H YV6D (ATA) @ 4x - Spindle #2



Two discs from a different spindle: same brand, same speed rating, in the same drive and burnt at the same speed produced a HUGE difference in error amount ... why?



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Hi! :)


When I did these tests, I started to continue to use an already open spindle of discs (#1). It was when I did the 2.4x burn with the Pioneer 216 I thought the values showed lower quality values than others I've seen around the net. So I started to use a new spindle (#2) and redid all of the previous burns. With all burners (except the Optiarc 7200) this spindle showed much better values.


The first spindle was bought some a months earlier than the second spindle and both were purchased from the same place. Both were made in Singapore.


My only theory is that quality do vary between different spindles (production lines), even if the manufacturer has a good reputation. I could understand it better if I had stored the open spindle in sunlight or in a very hot environment.



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That's a scary thought, eh ... two disc of same type from the same company can differ greatly, guess we'll have to check one disc from each spindle bought to see if the batch is faulty...


thanks for the fast reply and the tests results

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