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Won't eject tray after verify


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hi there,


minor thing this.


i set the thing up so it would always eject the tray after verify, but it doesn't.


it doesn't even check the option in the verify window.


i'm using a pioneer dvr-111d in case that helps.


also, the eject tray after write option should disable when "cycle tray before verify" is selected maybe.


what would happen if i check both? i mean in the settings device tab,


but it goes for the write window as well i guess.


thanks for this amazing program.

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The 'Verify' checkbox in the 'Options' -> 'Eject Tray After' box is for *pure* verify mode, not verify after write - which is still considered a write (so you'd actually need to check the 'Write' box instead).


Knowing the above, you'll see that disabling the option makes no sense.


Nothing happens if you select both, the program isn't stupid!

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