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It is with great pleasure that I make this post:


G5 MYM is


Tying the knot...err...getting a new ball-and-chain...err...GETTING MARRIED!!! :w00t:


Yes.... It's True.... Given his description of her, his :wub: wonderful princess :wub: has finally taken pity on our friend and has graciously agreed to remove him from the ranks of the truly ignorant...blissfully happy...unencumbered man of leisure that he had become. :huggles:


Please join me in offering your condolences...errr....congratulations...errr...best wishes... to our friend...who has truly found his soul mate. :thumbup:


Wishing you all the best my friend;



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sorry it took so long to reply, but everytime I logged in one of the kids or the fiancee needed something, then with the renovations going on here there is little time to do more than breathe. I thank all of you for the kind wishes, you all were there for me when my divorce came about and helped me thru it all with words of hope and comfort. I now will share the high I am living after meeting the woman i wished i had met all those years ago.

Yes, august 12th is the date, i will post photos of the day once i have some to, it is not to be a big ceremony, it is both of our second and last times doing this, it will be very casual and laidback, no pomp and circumstance, just something we want to do out of love instead of flash. all the kids will have a part in it, her oldest son will give her away, my oldest son will give me away, my daughter will be the flower girl, and her 2 younger sons will be ring bearers. it will be a day of celebration, much drinking and eating for the people we choose to share it with, family and friends alike. I will re-announce when the date gets closer.

My family is now 7 people, 5 kids with her and i, the food bills alone are killer, i cant imagine when they are ALL teenagers, hehe. Any donations to the "keep the kids fed and Mike and Krissy out of the looney bin" fund are welcome and accepted, hehe...






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hey Mike congrats ,it'll be an easy date to remember my sis's birthday is the 16th.I know what you mean about the grocery bills my nephew also Mike has 7 boys aged 15 to 1 year and had to go with an extended ford van also a commercial fridge and a 6 burner stove dinner looks like a crowded resturant when we are all visiting :lol:

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