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Permission to install ImgBurn on customer systems


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We are, among other things, a computer manufacturer that builds and sells computer systems for both business and personal use.

Most of the optical drives we use already comes with some commercial CD/DVD burning software, of varying quality and stability, but since we once in a while changes the drives we use, we would like to be able to install one single piece of software that can work with all the different drives we use.

Having been using ImgBurn personally for a long time, and always been happy with it, it was my first thought that THIS is what we want to install on the systems!


I've been trying to find a license agreement for ImgBurn to be able to figure out if there's a license fee and / or special license agreement needed to be able to preinstall and distribute ImgBurn on our customer systems, but there does not seem to exist one.


Can I get some kind of official answer on what we are allowed to do with ImgBurn?


Kind regards


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