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Burn VIDEO_TS Plug in


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Hi Folks


Long time no see!


Great new release of ImgBurn (thanks LUK), does even more stuff I don't understand!! :thumbup:


Please, before I start, I want you to know I understand that the plug in question wasn't written by LightningUK. I also have to confess, much to my embarrassment, that I can't remember who who wrote it, or where I got it from ( I have it saved on a CD and install it with every new OS reformat)


The plug in is the one that adds a context menu item 'Burn with ImgBurn' for VIDEO_TS folders


Has anyone else noticed that it seems to have 'stopped' working with the latest release?


That's not entirely true. It still works only now it wants to put the whole directory, where the VIDEO_TS folder resides, onto the disk (or into the image)


I've had a search of these forums and can't see anything regarding this. Does anyone know if there's a solution?


It's an incredibly useful addition and I'm kinda missing it!


Thanks for any info




PS If this is a really old issue then I apologise, I didn't have the tinterweb for about 4 months so playing catch up on all sorts of things


OH...so here is the log


I 01:52:03 Operation Started!

I 01:52:03 Building Image Tree...

I 01:52:03 Checking Directory Depth...

I 01:52:03 Calculating Totals...

I 01:52:03 Preparing Image...

E 01:52:03 File size exceeds the limit imposed by the ISO9660 file system.

E 01:52:03 Name: G:\ISO's to Burn\VIDEO_TS\..\Bridge To Nowhere.iso

E 01:52:03 Size: 4,494,327,808 bytes

E 01:52:07 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:04



To explain...VIDEO_TS was the dir I wanted to burn as a dvd. In G:\ISO's to Burn there are many DVD iso's. The Plugin picked VIDEO_TS and the first one to burn as well..as you can see from the \..\xxx.iso bit. From my reckoning that meant every iso in the dir

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Edit, ok I see that the plugin itself adds the '..' bit.


So it actually passes the path 'G:\ISO's to Burn\VIDEO_TS\..' to ImgBurn.


Then when looking for files, ImgBurn will scan 'G:\ISO's to Burn\VIDEO_TS\..' which is basically the same as saying 'G:\ISO's to Burn' because '..' means the previous/parent folder.


So it's adding everything from 'G:\ISO's to Burn'.


My advice to you? Don't put the 'VIDEO_TS' folder in 'G:\ISO's to Burn', put it in 'G:\ISO's to Burn\disc name'. That way only the 'G:\ISO's to Burn\disc name' folder will be scanned for files.


To sum up... this looks like user error to me.

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Harsh :blush:


But yes, that makes more sense. I guess I must have changed the output directory structure to what it was before (to where the VIDEO_TS dir was being saved)


I suppose I never really looked to see what the plug in was doing before, and what it was adding to the iso. It always just worked


Thanks for the replies



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