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[HELP] Making a DVD movie from Hard Drive VOB files


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I want to make a DVD movie disc from a double layer DVD movie rip I have on my Hard Drive and i've followed your creating a double layer guides on the website but i've stumbled across a problem im not sure about.


Ones i press the Calculator button in ImgBurn and the layer break window appears asking me to pick the best choice for layer break, the one that says 'No' in the SPLIP column recommended, but the movie on my Hard Drive doesn`t have 'No' in SPLIP in the column and all the the star LBA Legend colors in the list are all a gray color, so im not to sure which one to choose???


I have heard your best to choose one that's 50/50% from the list, is that correct???


Thank you for responding with any suggestions.




Here is a screenshot of what i see when i've loaded my DVD movie rip into ImgBurn and the first layer break window

appears after i've clicked on the Calculator button.



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The layerbreak will be in the main movie - that's why you only get silver color ones. Use the preview to find the best one to have the break at.


If your DVD player supports seamless and you use that option, I would say it doesn't make much differens which one you pick, as you won't notice the layer break.

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