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Netflix sues Blockbuster


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The more corrupt the Republic becomes, the more numerous the laws become.








Our bloody patent system! Hey, rest of the world, do yourselves a favor: do NOT copy our legal system! In fact, we're trying to sell it to China.


This is exactly what's wrong with the damned patent system in the first place!


How can you patent mailing rental DVDs to people? I suppose if you stole the software Netflix was using and set it up, then that might be a logical case. But the idea that just the concept of renting DVDs this way in patentable is ridiculous. Does this mean NO ONE can compete with Netflix? Better be careful. Wal-Mart will patent supermarkets and Albertson's and the rest'll be out of business.


Can Microsoft patent the concept of the OS and the sue Apple, Silicon Graphics, Sun, et al?


Patenting a "methodology"? What is this crap? Does this mean that I can open up a station, install pumps that deliver gasoline (petrol) into automobile's tanks and then patent it? So now Exxon-Mobile, BP, Shell, et al, will have to pay ME for patenting the idea?


It's ridiculous. Doctors have been doing this for years in this country. They don't even invent new technology. They just invent a way to use existing technology and then slap a patent around it. And the Patent Office grants them the patent. So a new procedure that could potentially help lots of people is locked up by a greedy few (or even one) persons who jack up the price outrageously. So high the insurance companies won't pay so it becomes an all cash buisness--with a nice little sideline of financing loans to get the procedure (LASIK, anyone?), loans with a 24% interest rate.


I love my country but sometimes it drives my NUTS.


This is NOT what the Founders intended when they created the patent system.


Read our Constitution. Here's exactly what the Constitution says on patents, from Article I, Section 8:


To Promote the Progress of Science and the useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.


Where is the phrase "business methologies" in there? No where!


I've said it before, especially to my British cousins: DO NOT LET THE JUDGES OFF PARLIAMENT'S LEASH. You'll be far sorries than you can possibly imagine.


Like all "modern" countries, we are slaves to out of control national bureaucracies. In the US we've added another layer of tyranny: the judidiciary (as y'all across the Pond have done with the EU; come on the French and the Germans thought this up; the same countries that tried to conquer the world for 300 years, from Louis XIV to Hitler!).

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Yeah it's always us, the consumer who gets anal.gif



And you can forget about the kiss, let alone the v******e and the r****a****d.




"This won't hurt a bit..."

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yep welcome back, and did I mention that I've patented every 6th word in your post but not ones that begin with the letter C, so you'll be hearing from my lawyers =))=))=))=))



Unless you're using the same lawyers as the RIAA, I won't lose sleep. :sleeping:


If you do have the same lawyers, will you take my kid for a settlement? Plus my dignity and all the equity in my house?


Talk about choadswallowers...how could any lawyer, with good conscience, sue a 12 yr old girl? Who should be put on phone and internet restriction for a month. Her parents shouldn't have to pay for it. Especially since so many kids are much more Net savvy than their parents. (Not anyone on this board, of course :thumbup: ; our kids'll never get anything over on us.)


I'm so glad that lady in N. Cali is standing up the the RIAA-Gestapo? Y'all have heard of the case? The RIAA wants five grand from a woman who's trying to raise a daughter on disability (I get disability payments and lemme tell you, if my wife didn't make nice money, we'd be living in my mother's spare bedroom!) because, they claim, she "illegally" downloaded 1200+ songs.


The woman didn't even have a computer. Her older son had been living there and set up an unsecured wireless network--yeah, I know, bone-head maneuver.


She offered to let the RIAA examine her computer and they refused for months and months until they suddenly decided they wanted to (doubtless with the idea of making sure the "evidence" would be found).


Thankfully, the Federal judge ordered the computer to be examined by a company chosen by the woman and, I love this part, THE RIAA HAS TO PAY THE COMPANY SHE CHOOSES! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I would copyright every swear word. I'd be set for life on Hollywood royalties in the first year alone! :greedy:



Billions, Minty, they'd owe you billions from the replay fees from Animal House alone.


But the money would get really sweet as soon as we patent a method of creating semi-musical "entertainment" using spoken iambic pentameter, peppered with profuse profanity, misogyny and glorifying senseless violence.


In some circles, I believe this is called "hip hop."


How 'bout we patent that. Then Snoop Dog, Puff Daddy and Dr. Dre can start paying us.


Be nice to have the three record companies in the world by the nuts.


Oh yeah, and we can patent a method for choosing who gets new record contracts? They have to be between 16 and 28. There'll be a panel of three judges, one rotund, name-dropping producer, one lip-synching former dancer and one rude, effeminate English git. The "contestants" will then have to sing songs way out of their ranges and styles and people would call in votes for who they'd like.


American Idol and Fox, get ready to start writing BIG checks...just as soon as Minter and I have the patent approved...


Well, it is "methodology."



(OK, I'll take two weeks in Bermuda with Katharine in lieu of half my settlement...I know, but hey I'm married. Married guys: don't we have to watch all kinds of shit we'd never watch if were still batching it? We'd be sitting around in our underwear watching our B5 DVDs. That and BSG & Deadwood eps.)

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Yeah it's always us, the consumer who gets anal.gif





Accidentally clicked on SVP Communications link. I gather its a British site: there was a picture of a mini-soccer ball incorrectly labelled as a "mini-football." :P


Sorry, couldn't help myself.


The really ironic part? The only organized sport I ever played was...soccer! (Which, btw, is a British term: from Assocciation Football.) I was fullback and goalie (A goalie's a goalie but I've no idea what you guys call a fullback; basically its where they put you when you can't run fast. :huh: ). We were also 1-15. We had good defense but if you can't score...


And why do we call football, football? Originally, the only way to score was by kicking the ball through the endzone. (The goal posts came later.) Then someone came up with the bright idea of borrowing some stuff from Rugby. My grandfather played in the old leather helmet days, i.e. no pads, just a leather hat.

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I've had the plot all along! It's right here in this little bottle. Labeled PLOT, clearly, in big, bold letters. Oh, no, that's the one that says POT. My bad!



Damn it, man! Stay outta my "medicine" cabinet! I find the padlock cut one more time and I'm chaining your burners shut.

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