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Thank you, congratulations and keep going


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hi guys:


I'm impressed with the performance, simplicity and effectiveness of this little piece of high engineering.

it covers and satisfy any profile. It works and doesn't clog the system.


To the creators and just can say thank you, congratulations and keep going. Few days ago I was reading an article about the freedom of knowledge. In few words, it states: the accessibility of new technologies in the IT area to anyone, encourage, enhance and sponsor all kind of minds, characters and personalities, making them better. So keeping high quality and/or expensive software for who can afford it is simply the best way to keep poisoning this world.


Making an analogy, as Firefox is for internet browsing, then Imgburn is for CD-DVD & virtual image manipulation.


I'm a new user and I won't go back to Nero..... I heard that Nero's next version comes with microwaves oven, air conditioning and GPS.





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