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Quick DVD Question guys


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Hi Guys,


I have a german dvd that i'm gonna back up first audio is German then English,i ran it through shrink and deleted the German my question is, when i burn the dvd to disc and press play will the English track play first or will i need to edit the structure in some way for it to play instead of me selecting english.

thanks guys i'm a novice when it comes to editing ifo/bup's lol


good to see LUK and the guys back :)



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If English is the only audio on the disk, it will be the one to play. But you can ensure it does anyway by using PgcEdit's Jump to PGC macro (guide on PgcEdit site).


Just run through the DVD in PgcEdit's trace mode, selecting the audio menu, picking English and returning to the main menu. Then run the macro. Save and burn.



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