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Why do 4.700.359.022 bytes not fit on a DVD+R ?


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I tried to burn a couple of files with a total size of 4.700.359.022 bytes on a DVD+R.

According to the spec the maximum possible capacity for a DVD+R is at least 4,700,372,992 bytes.


Furthermore I could burn the same files without any problems on the same burner, the same DVD+R

and the same WinXP with another burning software (Nero and CDburnerXP) WITHOUT problems.


However I am getting warnings and error when I try to burn these files with

ImgBurn (see attached snapshots).


So this must be a bug of ImgBurn.


Could you fix this in the next release ?


Thank you



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You have to take into account the filesystem overhead. Try using only ISO9660 or UDF and it might fit in your disc.


This is not true.


Even when I burn with pure "UDF" the data on a DVD the error message popup appears.


With Nero or CDburnerXP they are burned without problems.


So again: this must be a bug of ImgBurn



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