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Burning speed error


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Hi to all this is my first topic here and it's about a little problem i have with this really cool program!

In these days i was trying to burn an iso on a Verbatim -R DVD and to be sure the writing was perfect i set the speed to the minimum level of 1x.

Now, the dvds i'm using supports this writing speed (they're from 1x to 16x) but when i start burning the program writes my dvd at the effective speed of 4x (sometimes also 8x) and this sometimes give me problems when i try to read the dvd i wrote.

Do you know how can i solve this problem?

Someone told me to go to the settings of my dvd writer and change the writing type to PIO, i've tried to do that but i cannot find this option.

How can i effectively write at 1x speed?


Thank you very much and tell me if you need some specs about my system, reader etc etc...

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You can only burn using the speeds listed in Supported Write Speeds field of the disc information: those are the speeds your burner and its firmware support for that media, and if you choose an unsupported speed, the burner will just ignore it and use the closest available speed. Also notice that the slowest speed doesn't necessarily result in a better quality burn, which is all that matters for reader devices.


Post the log of your latest non-working burn (look in ImgBurn's Help menu) and tell us why/how it doesn't work for you.

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