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Great Program! Excellent Support!


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I would just like to say your product is wonderful.


When I have a little money put aside I will donate to help you guys continue the great work. There is something to be said for giving something back to the 'verse.



I totally agree with you.

-It is a great piece of software.

-The support by its author (on this forum) is amazing.


Truer words could not be uttered!


First, this program is amazing...it proves the best software is not often the commercial stuff (I call "junkware"). I found out about ImgBurn both from a fellow classmate and because it was included with DVD Flick (DVD-authoring software). I think the options are great, and the tutorials are FANTASTIC!


Second, I am amazed that "LIGHTNING UK!" has time both to author the software and write amazing tutorials and reply so frequently and quickly on these forums to everyone.



:wub: I always intend to donate to my favorite projects, but I never do it, or I can't because something else comes up. So I donated today while I can. Merry Christmas! :santa: And thanks again for such a wonderful program, and fantastic dedication!

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