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Jim West Pa

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Hi, my name is Jim. I'm new here and i jist wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.

I am not very pc savvy( but i'm learnin :) ) and i have very recently taken an interest in goin beyond the occasional burnin a cd, playin on hobby forums and sendin e-mails with my pc.

I jist resurected my old HP a few days ago by replacin the used up hard drive and installin a newly purchased version of XP w/SP3 sheeeew, what a task that was :blink: .

I am also in the process of learnin how to enhance that older pc and use it for dedicated off line tasks such as backin up all my dvd's, cd's and i want to git into makin my own dvd's of homegrown movies, transferin all my home movie vhs's onto dvd's and creatin more family memories on dvd's.

Aside form all that. I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to you folks for havin such a website as this. I think it is above and beyond fer you good folks to take time from your lives and share your knowledge with newbies like me so that we may learn and enjoy the things that come so easy for you all.

I am lookin forward to continualy kearnin from you folks and finaly truely enjoyin my pc for things i'll enjoy doin.

Again, THANK YOU all very much, Jim

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