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Another observation on the slipstreaming guide


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Hey all! ... one small point about the XP source files used (for LUK!'s guide at: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=11190) ...

I noticed in the examples that SP1 had previously been run on the WXPVOL_EN files (or, they already existed on the actual O/S installation CD used to copy the files from).

Recently, I did a ground up install (from my original pre-SP's XP Pro install disc) and subsequent updates of XP on a Toshiba (ex: Vista Home Premium SP2) laptop ... I found that a prerequisite of an XP SP3 update was the SP1a update.

Rather than go through that again on a much different Toshiba (ex: Vista Business SP2) laptop (can't just clone to it), I knew a slipstreamed XP install CD could be made and knew that LUK!'d have the guide ... I just thought I'd ask if I'm wasting time/media ... having got to the (Img)Burn step in the guide (FYI - the CMD Integration process/dialogs do not warn of a missing SP1a update whereas an SP3 update attempt within an existing newly installed XP O/S does).

If I'm thinking about the above correctly, and go ahead and do a burn, then an install using the newly burned media, I may have a fatally flawed XP O/S and would need to start over - what think ye all?

Thanks much, FFF

P.S. I searched 'slipstream' in the forums and did not come across this Q before, my apologies if I missed it somehow.

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