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CLI settings not updating GUI settings


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I get the feeling you're not too fond of the command line, but I hope you can assist with what I feel to be a bug with it. :whistling:


In an attempt to create a "dumbed-down", fully portable version of ImgBurn for colleagues - basic settings, loads write screen up automatically, set write speed, no test mode, no verify - I put the following command into a batch file.




When I open ImgBurn, the Verify button is checked when it shouldn't be. However, when I leave it as is and perform a burn, it does not do the verify (thus listening to the command line options).


Along the same lines, setting /TESTMODE YES (as a test) did not tick Test Mode in the GUI once opened. I haven't performed a test run with me manually unticking it, but I assume the same thing will occur as mentioned above.


Additionally (and more importantly, as it can result in coasters), if I tick Test Mode via the GUI and perform what I feel to be a test run, it actually burns to the disc - once again, listening to the command line options passed through.


After the first executed burn is cancelled (and maybe also complete), ImgBurn makes use of the GUI options for subsequent burns.


Are you able to have ImgBurn set all the settings in the GUI as per the command line options passed through (e.g. if /TESTMODE NO, then the option should be unticked by default, however if the user was to change it, this change will be used) ?


Hope this makes sense.



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