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Imgburn, discs or burner?


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Haven't gotten the discs from Sweburn yet, so they'll probably won't arrive until Monday...


So - I bought a Samsung SH-S222A burner (it was quite cheap) and a new pack of Traxdata discs just to try them out again in the Optiarc driver. Burn now stopped at 54% and the disc looked awful. Installed the Samung burner and it worked right away, nice and even texture on the disc.


Are they (burners) really only supposed to last for a year and a half and about 100 discs? Sucks big time... I guess after the one year warranty time there's no economic interest from the manufacturer to keep it going, so maybe there's a built in counter that automatically takes it down after being turned on enough time... Or someone has been calculating the on-time of the laser diode to last enough but not more... one wonders.

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I wrote to Conrexx that makes the Traxdata discs (or really Ritek makes them but whatever) and got this nice reply:


Dear Mr. Fredric,


Sorry to hear that you have problem with our disks.

We will forward your complaint along with the details back to our HQ.


In order to investigate the problem, we like to ask for your help.

Please send the discs to :


Conrexx Technology B.V.

Keurmeesterstraat 18

2984 BA Ridderkerk

The Netherlands

RMA : *********


Please put your name and address on the package, we will send back twice the amount of the discs you have sent to us.

Please also inform us the brand and model of the burner which you are using.


Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.


Best regards,


Support Team Traxdata


Nice to see that some companies takes responsibility even if the problem is most likely the burner.

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Tried my first burns with the Verbatim discs, didn't work well, could be a faulty iso though:



I'm not too happy with the quality of the print on the disc either, I printed the same picture as I have on a Traxdata disc, the saturation is very weak compared to the Traxdata (Ritek) discs, the black lines are more dark grey than black. Same printer, same program highest quality settings, the Verbatim discs also seems to be a little more glossy (not that they are glossy but more than the Traxdata kind at least).

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I ended up selling the Verbatim discs, printing quality was awful compared to the Traxdata discs (Ritek) bought at Clas Ohlson.


I got a 50-pack of discs from Traxdata for the 20 or so faulty discs I sent back - which weren't really faulty but was actually the burner giving up.


I also complained to Verbatim about them having far worse print quality on their discs known as THE discs to use compared to the lower quality Traxdata discs, after me not accepting the first explanation about these only being "standard quality" discs I continued the discussion with another representative that decided to send me a 50-pack of DVD-R "No ID Brand" Wide Printable "normal discs" AND a 50-pack of their high quality "Wide Printable Waterproof No ID Brand" AND one DVD+R DL in jewel box (which the holder was broken on - but thanks anyway).



Perhaps this should be in a thread of it's own, but here goes, feel free to move it though.


The DVD-R has the same quality on the print as the ones I sold but at least they don't have that disturbing logo in the printable area.

The Waterproof had a lot better print, but the black was not as strong as the Traxdata discs and the red looked a little orange, pretty good anyway and these are also glossy - looks amazing, even after the print the surface stays glossy. The "Waterproof":ing is pretty good, I held a newly printed disc under flushing warm water for a minute and all I got was a slight bleed on the black and purple areas. Nothing on cyan nor yellow. So I'd say they're water protected rather than "waterproof". The DVD+R DL disc has a different kind of logo print, it's has a white background that makes it less noticeable.


I know it can differ between different brands of printers and inks, but this is the result I got for my Canon iP6700D using original ink.



Pictures, scanned in a flatbed scanner Agfa Snapscan 1212P using the same manual settings. Sorry for some smearing, I threw them away before I decided to scan them.

No editing other than rotating and cropping the pictures has been done. I probably should have scanned in the double resolution or more to show all points but the main points are clearly visible anyway.



Strong colors, smooth even surface, some bleeding when using black next to yellow, surface is not bright white but has a very light yellow tint. Black is slightly brownish.



Verbatim Standard with ID:

Weak colors, a lot of bleed from the black on yellow, doesn't seem to absorb the ink, uneven surface - the ink makes a dotty pattern



Verbatim Standard with ID, "non recommended disc"-setting:

Even weaker colors (as less ink is printed), still bleed from the black on yellow, doesn't seem to absorb the ink better even with less ink, surface still uneven - the ink still makes a dotty pattern.



Verbatim Waterproof glossy No ID:

Rich colors, not as strong as the Traxdata but almost, a little less smearing than the Traxdata disc but still a little at black on yellow. Green is a little on the yellow side, black is little to the blue side.



Verbatim Waterproof glossy No ID after being wet:

Some bleeding mainly magenta and black




Open them up in tabs and scroll between them if you can't see the difference (CTRL+TAB in Firefox).


Unfortunately you can't easily find the "P/N: 43656 Verbatim Wide Printable Waterproof No ID Brand" at affordable prices, but it seems it's safe to recommend it. I'll probably have enough discs now for the nearest future. ;-)

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