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"Deadwood" esta muerto


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Is Deadwood... Dead?

HBO announced on Thursday that it has not opted to pick up the options on cast members of Deadwood, indicating that the series' third season, premiering June 11, will be its last. Asked for comment, Al Swearengen said, "Well, &$%, if that &%$ing *@ doesn?t *&%# me the *$ off!"


Pain Man is seriously PISSED OFF. julli-rasende.gif


The best western EVER.



Aarggh!!!! TV executive nitwit idiot dumbshits!!! julli-wallbash.gif

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durn, the pigs will starve



I hadn't thought of that. It's swine abuse! It must be stoped. Call the animal rights whackos! Quick!


Al will have to go into serious crime, like politics.

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