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CD/DVD burning optimizer???


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Ignition is a CD/DVD burning optimizer.

It helps you saving space on your media by optimizing the way files are placed on the CDs/DVDs of your set.

For example if your backup fits on 3-4 CDs, a manual files organazation might lead on a 4th with only 10 Mb

of data when a better organization would have only required 3 CDs.

Thanks to Ignition, you'll save medias, time and money.


Ignition features ...


* Support 650,700 Mb CDs, HD Burn CDs and DVDs (even Dual Layer DVDs)

* Ability to create ISO images (requires CopyToDVD)

* Automatically create folders for each optimized CD or create a TXT file that contains the optimized list of each CD's content.

* Ability to put a bunch of files on every media (autorun, codecs...)

* Ability to burn CDs/DVDs (requires CopyToDVD)

* Internationalization support.





---> is this worth it??? :blink:

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