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imgburn and game cope pro


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i have some ps3 games i was wanting to make a cope of i have a dvd reader/writer and a bluray reader/writer both works and some bluray disc my puter is a dell inp 530 with e8400 core2 duo 3gig, 4 gig ram,a 8800gs video card my burners will burn mp3/cd/cd+g/dvd/bluray i have 4 differant software programs that will do any of the formates without a hitch my problum is when trying to read the ps3 game it ether burner will not read say unknon formate so i ordered a program called, gamecope pro, it is suppost to be a software and tutoral [a tell you how] i got no software just a link to imgburn to download the imgburn software that i allready had on my computer and instruction on how to use the imgburn[look like the gamecope pro] is selling the imgburn software for $29.95 for the instruction they give are just about worthless and you get no software but the imgburn link i am only wanting to backup games i own can someone tell me why i keep getting unknown formate or what program that will read the ps3 formate, i have lots of differant programs to read and burn and never had this problum befor any help is wellcome as for a log will have to look don,t think there is one just can not read

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