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VCR to DVD using wintv. MPEG to ISO


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Hi, i am trying to convert a few VHS tapes to a DVD.


I am using a WINTV PVR-150 video capture card to copy vhs tapes to my hard drive.


The files created appear to be mpg (i think this is mpeg) type files.


I used the "build" feature in the imgburn software to convert the mpeg file to an ISO file.


I can play this on my computer......however, i can not play this dvd on any of my dvd players.


Any thoughts?

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Capture your VHS tapes to MPEG 2 (DVD compliant) first.


Than use DVD Flick to convert the capured file to a valid DVD Video structure (VIDEO_TS folder with .ifo .bup .vob file in it)


As DVD Flick comes with an old version of ImgBurn, I suggest to untick "Burn project to disc" in DVD Flick Project Settings.


Use this Guide to burn the final Video_TS folder to disc.

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