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A few minor suggestions

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1) Allow user to select number of copies on main window. I know you can do this from the Queue window, but it would be nice to have this option on the main window as well.


2) Maybe tweak default buffer to be larger (eg. 40MB) to make burn more stable when other tasks are being done on the system.


Does buffer always default to 20MB, or is the size used dependent on the amount of RAM installed ?


3) On Burn progress window, it would be nice if the following info was shown:


- Write Speed

- Current Copy / Total Copies


4) Import/Export of Imgburn settings.


5) Eject after write/verify/erase only when there is another copy to be done (ie. should not eject after last copy).

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1) To do this, the 'Copies' in the queue would have to be implemented like the Write Speed and Device selection stuff - i.e. you'd have to enable and override the default setting (taken from main window) via a checkbox.

I'm not sure people would prefer that to the current method.


2) Yes it defaults to 20MB and is not based on ram size. No matter what I do, someone will always fault it ;)

If I make it tie in with available ram, someone with 2GB will soon check taskmanager and complain that it's now taking up 256MB when it only use 20 before. If I default it to 40MB, the person with 64mb will moan it's having to swap to hdd. 20MB is small and yet large enough.

If you're killing the buffer (and do so all the time) buy another hdd and use that for your images.

I would rather leave the user in total control of buffer sizes and start with a conservative size as I am doing at the moment.


3. Have now done current/total copies.

Do you REALLY need a static bit of text showing the speed you selected?! What do you gain from it? Surely you just need to see the speed it's actually burning at ('Write Rate'). You can always look in the log for the speed you actually selected.


4. It's called RegEdit ;)


5. Ok, done.

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1) I haven't really used Imgburn that much since I've been waiting for the file/folder burn feature, and so am not totally sure how the Queue ties in with the main window.


When burning copying a disc (not copyrighted), I often end up doing at least 2 copies, which is why I asked


2) OK, fair enough. As you say, there will always be someone who either complains the buffer is too large or too small. It's just that I was used to Nero which used approx. 80MB buffer, and was a bit surprised at why Imgburn's buffer kept on emptying at first.


3) It would allow the user to see at a glance whether their system is struggling to match the specified write speed (I realize that a burner only reaches it's max speed at the outer edge of a disc), since the info would be displayed near/next to the actual Write speed (instead of having to switch to the log to find the required info). With a memory and eyes like mine, I need all relevant info to be nicely packaged together. :geek:


4) Would be nice if it could be integrated into Imgburn, since it adds convenience. I'll post some code to save you the trouble, if you like.


Even better would be the option to store program settings in a .ini file, since this would allow Imgburn to be run of a USB Flash drive, and also allow easy migration to new systems or roll-out of Imgburn on networks. A very useful ToDoList app on CodeProject (http://www.codeproject.com/tools/todolist2.asp) gives the option of which method to use the first time it is run on a system, with available C++ source code as well. ;)


5) Thanks.

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2) Personally I never suffer from buffer drop offs. If I did, I would probably be more inclined to increase it!


3) As the 'Copies' info is only short - i.e. '1 of 1', I've stuck the Write speed in brackets next to it. This is then directly to the left of 'Write Rate' and so ties in quite nicely.


4) I have had a few instances where ini file settings would indeed be handy. It's just a case of deciding which settings to use if both are present. Whichever way I do it, I'll always want it round the other way at some point! Also, if not all ini settings are present, would i then use registry ones, and vice versa.

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3) Thanks for listening!


Re. (4), ToDoList does it like this.....


a) you can specify the ini file to use on the commandline using the -i switch.

b ) you can simply drop an empty text file named todolist.ini in the same directory as todolist.exe

c) same as (b ). but put it anywhere provided you use a shortcut to start todolist and you specify the starting folder in the shortcut properties.



Then implement a startup search as follows:

1) If -i option then use that ini file. If it does not exist then create it.

2) Look in the "current directory" (set with the "start in:" option in short cut) for the "ToDoList.ini" file. If found then use it.

3) Look in the EXE directory for the "ToDoList.ini" file. If found then use it

4) If no INI file found via above search then look for registry key. (HKCU/Software/AbstractSpoon/ToDoList)

5) If none of above was found then popup dialog asking what to use.


If not all ini settings are present, then I would just use the defaults.


How does that sound ?

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Yeah that's kinda how I'd imagined it would work, with the exception of the 'current directory' stuff. I tend to just look in the exe dir for such things.


If I get a minute to play around with this 'would be nice' stuff, I will see what I can do.

It's not high up on my priority list right now though, so no promises that it'll be in there for the next release!

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1) To do this, the 'Copies' in the queue would have to be implemented like the Write Speed and Device selection stuff - i.e. you'd have to enable and override the default setting (taken from main window) via a checkbox.

I'm not sure people would prefer that to the current method.

The advantage of doing it this way is that it would


a) Allow people to set a default other than 1.

b ) Simplify usage when curning a single ISO (since you don't need to go to Queue window)

c) Anyone who prefers the current method can simply leave it at 1.




None :thumbup:


Would this work ?


I haven't used the queue much so may not have understood how the feature works properly, and am ready to be punished in this case :chair:

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The idea was to keep the main interface as simple as possible. Anyone who wanted additional functionality would use the queue window.


The queue window just updates the main one with the options selected in it. (That's what happens when you bolt something on ;) )


Not sure I'll go messing with this right now. It's working ok at the moment! lol


btw, I've done your registry / ini file thing.


/settings from cli, or [appname].ini in exe's dir are checked before defaulting to read from registry.

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Is this guy bribing you or something boss?

That would be telling.... :ph34r::zipped::ph34r:


Thanks for the ini file feature LUK! That was fast work. Will it be possible to create an empty file called [appname].ini in the exe's folder, which is then populated by ImgBurn on exit with all supported parameters ?


Re. adding Copies to the main window, I would still like to see this feature added in a future version, although it's certainly not an urgent feature request by any stretch of the imagination. I agree that the main window should be kept simplistic for ease of use, but feel that burning multiple copies of a single disc is quite a common feature (I generally burn at least 2 copies on 2 different types of disc of any data that is half-way important). I just don't like having to do too many clicks every time I burn a disc. Call me lazy but..... :sleeping:


BTW, I'm really looking forward to IB version 2!

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Yup, just put an empty ini file in the app folder and then when it closes, it'll populate it.


It doesn't need to be complete during the 'load settings' part, it just needs to be there.


Anything that doesn't exist in the file will just use the default values.


It doesn't even need to be able to save the ini on close - incase of file permissions or read-only type stuff, it'll just exit quietly.


That could be handy for Admins who want a fixed config that the users can't change.

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How do I enter the inner-circle ?


Is the initiation ceremony anything like Homer Simpson's in the season 6 episode "Homer The Great" ? :D=))

Are you a member of KKK? If not, I'm afraid we can't let you in. =))=))=))

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