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MKV image file type


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Hello,treat me as absolute newbie please. I have some movies which are in the form of the file type "mkv" and I'd like to write them to disc. Files are large, as mentioned in topic description.


I have Total Video Converter which will convert them to VIDEO_TS files, but I don't want to lose the image quality inherent in such conversion. Also it's a very lengthly process with such large files.


Am I flogging a dead horse, or should that be toasted disc, in trying to do this at all? I have looked through the guides, and searched these forum for some help, or reference to this topic. Must confess that I read the guides a bit the same way as a child learning to read moves their finger from word to word. Feel free to be as rude as you like if I have missed the blindingly obvious.


I'm not a crawler, but ImgBurn is a fantastic tool. Whatever the outcome of this I am finally going to do the donate thing! If only I could send you what I originally paid for Nero 6, which is now completely covered with whatever passes for dust in the world of software. They even 'gave' me a really useful gadget for sticking full size labels on to discs, but even I knew better than to use it.


Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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If you intend to play it on a regular DVD player it is your only option to convert the files to DVD Video (VIDEO_TS). Might be your player supports .mkv but you did not mentioned. See player's manual for the supported video formats. To write the file as is to a Dual layer DVD use Write files/folders to disc.


Depending on the length of the video you will lose some visible quality if you squeeze more than two hours on a Single layer DVD. To preserve quality you can make the project fit to a Dual layer DVD.


You can try DVD Flick instead of Total Video Converter to see if its faster to do the job.

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