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Direct Disk Copy - Direct Duplication


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Hi There Lightning UK


I am new to your forum and have just registered, as I am using you product, a great product if I might say so. Used to use Nero, but their pricing is getting out of hand and too much bloatware, with too many apps that I found I was not using but paying for.


I've scanned and searched for a topic like this but could not find one, so hopefully this is the first one being posted here. One feature I noticed missing in your app, is that there is no option to choose a direct disk to disk copy / direct duplication mode in either your ez-mode picker or in the write options. I found I had to first make an image of the disk I want, then write this image to blank media, in my opinion too many steps for a duplication process. Other opensource, free or commercial products do offer this, creating a temporary image file on the fly and then writing directly to the blank media. I run Windows 7 Ultimate x64, with two DVD-RAM recordable devices so I have always been able to do this with other products.


I am under correction if I have not yet found this, or how to enable it, but I feel this is a sadly lacking feature in an otherwise superb product.



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No, there is no dedicated Copy button in this program.


The easyest way is to use Create image file from disc, tick the Add To Write Queue When Done, wait to finish image creation,


Switch to Write image file to disc and hit the big button, you can tick the Delete Image file when done, wait to finish the burn, Success.

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