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GUI font size


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You can't.


It uses a standard 8pt (or 9pt in Win Vista / Win 7) font size - the same as just about every other program in the world and even the OS itself.


If you can't read stuff then you can always adjust your screen resolution / DPI settings within Windows to compensate for your eyes.

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In my experience DPI setting is best left alone, because you can get into trouble with some applications. The most common problem being buttons getting overlapped and therefore unclickable.


Screen resolution should be set to the LCD screen's native resolution.


Both WinXP and Win7 allow you to change font size for stuff like program menu or messagebox. This approach serves me well over the years. ImgBurn menu buttons are fine, but everything else is very small.


As my screen capture shows, ImgBurn's font sizes are smaller than Windowns Explorer.


Screen Capture

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It's still 8pt, you've just picked a font that looks awfully small at that size.


Stick with Tahoma or Segeo UI for the best look I guess.


I lied before, there is a way to change the font size but there's no way to do it via the GUI, you have to edit a registry setting.




Set 'GENERAL_SetFontSize' to '1'.

Set 'GENERAL_FontSize' to whatever you want - maybe 10 or something (or whatever you set Explorer to!).

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