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Trouble Burning Xbox 360 Games


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Okay, i just recently bought a moded xbox 360 arcade with 12 GB HD from a friend. I also purchased 30 or so burned games form him which work fine on it. The problem is when i try to burn games everything goes right except when i put it in the Xbox. its updated to the new thing where you have an avatar and all. when the burned game goes in it says "play DVD" if I hit play it shows a Xbox logo and gives me the dvd menu on the bottom. I did alot of research and I downloaded and burned a "activate.iso" and put it in the xbox before i put the other games but still no luck.


So so far

Xbox plus games - $100

30p Verbatim dvds - $30 + 3.99 shipping

Im already 134 bucks into this thing theres no going back now..


My Mac Book Pro has a DVD burner that burns DL dvds and i am running windows 7 on it.


here is the process i use to burn the games.


utorent - Download game (I already did Fable 3 and fallout new vegas)

Winrar - extract

Imgburn - Select dvd file not iso

imgburn - chose speed 2.4x have the specified to the right number 0000000 ( i dont know it off the top of my head)

img burn - Click burn and wait for it to finish


When its done i pop it in the xbox and it starts up and goes to the xbox logo. even if i put the activate.iso dvd in first the video plays that says "to play this disc, put in a 360 console" i take that out and put one of the burned dvds and still nothing.

I burned Fallout New Vegas twice, Fable 3 once and the activate.iso

so iv waisted 4 DL dvds already, before i waist anymore can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong?


also i assume my xbox is NTSC since i live in America.


The old games i have, work. The newest ones being GTA 4, halo odst and Fifa 09



I read in some forums that maybe i need to upgrade firmware for wave 4 games?? from my Noob understanding i need to re-flash my 360 to a newer version? and i have no idea how to do that.


Can someone help me please? i can hold out on the games he gave me, but Im craving Fable 3 so bad right now.


Side note: I don't care about going online, I have a xbox thats not modded and if i wanted to play a game online i would just buy it and play it on my other one.

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