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Burning blu-ray DATA discs


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Hello. I joined today just to solely ask a question...


Before I begin, my machine specs:

- Centrino 2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz / core)


- 320GB 7200rpm HDD (75GB free)

- Matash!ta Panasonic UJ232a Blu-ray burner (yes, it's a 9.5mm slim-line drive).

- Windows 7 Pro x64


- I bought this lappie without a blu-ray option (at the time it was a US$1k extra).

- I bought a UJ232a blu-ray writer a few weeks back for about US$100, along with a 5 pack Sony BD-R 50GB DATA discs (write speeds 1x-2x), not the usual VIDEO variants. ImgBurn shows a disc ID of MEI-T01-001.

- The UJ232a is an internal device; I took my lappie apart and placed it where the old DVD writer used to be.

- Just incase this is relevant, the UJ232 is capable of WRITING to BD-R DL media at 1x (so ImgBurn shows just 1x at the capable burn speed window).

- I have burned CD and DVD discs using this drive in the past using ImgBurn (without a hitch). Although I've PLAYED blu-rays without issue, this would be the first time I am attempting to burn to blu-ray (DATA) media.


I've scoured these forums and the closest thing I've come across to burning (video) blu-ray discs is by Lightning UK himself (http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=9512)

There, step 4 describes a process which I'm assuming is required to burn blu-ray discs that are usable on the conventional (living-room) blu-ray movie player.



I wish to burn DATA to a BD-R DL disc, and refer to it in the future should I require it (it will act as an irreplacable backup of sorts).

So my question is whether I would need to undertake any specific steps to burn blu-ray DATA discs? Like VIDEO blu-ray discs?

At the moment, I'm in the BUILD mode and have clicked-and-dragged my desired files to the SOURCE box.

I clicked on the OPTIONS tab on the right, and at the bottom clicked on RESET SETTINGS; everything should be at default now.

The VERIFY tick-box has been ticked on the left, in case you're wondering.

Is this the correct method?


It's just that the blank blu-ray media I have here are rather expensive (I bought them in Japan), and would very much prefer all burn processes to finish successfully (heck, anyone would...).

My intention is to use blu-ray DATA media for long-term data archiving. I was put off external HDDs after a catastrophic platter failure a few months back, and flash drives don't really go any bigger than 32GB without the prices sky-rocketing...


Thanks in advance for the help. Guess I'm being a noob here but better safe than sorry, as they always say...

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There is no specific way to burn a bluray data disc, you can choose it to have iso9660 only, or can use iso9660+joliet+udf, or just udf and you can tweak the restrictions all you want. The only thing you cannot change is the mode, it always has to be in mode1/2048 but other than that, it is just like burning a CD-data or DVD-data disc but with more capacity obviously ;) and yes it is a good idea to verify your burns.

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