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CreateFile Failed! error on shutdown after burn, if external drive is switched off


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I get this error when exiting IB if I do the following:


1) Burn an ISO with my external drive, then turn off the drive.

2) Exit IB


I believe you've added support to the new IB which can dynamically detect the addition/removal of drives, so there's no need to display this error.


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Indeed, the detection of device arrival/removal probably won't help with that.


If it's in the middle of something and you remove the drive, it will error out.


If you'd done as you're supposed to and removed it via the system tray icon first, you would have been told it's not possible to do it.

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The message is displayed when IB is Terminating the Interface, but if IB can detect that a drive has been removed, couldn't this termination step just be skipped to avoid this message ?


I realize that you're supposed to remove via the tray icon, and do this with my external hard drive to stop data loss occurring, but it's not really necessary with external CD/DVD drives since no data loss will occur if the drive isn't actually burning. Call me lazy, but it just saves me from an extra couple of clicks when turning my drive off.


Just to clarify, I get this message after the burn and verify has completed followed by switching off the drive, so the drive isn't in the middle of doing anything.

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